The Importance Of Friends And Family To Recreational Gambling

Recreational Gambling

The Importance Of Friends And Family To Recreational Gambling

Gambling has been associated with a lot of vices: gambling addiction, alcoholism, smoking, gangsters etc. However, there is a side of gambling that is rarely talked about: recreational gambling.

Recreational gambling is best described as casual gambling. This includes gambling small or large wagers at home with family or while amongst friends. Recreational gamblers are not obligated to wins or losses because they are not playing to win; they are merely playing to pass the time. The idea behind recreational gambling is that it is a fun way to make some money. Unlike problem gamblers, recreational gamblers understand fully that they may lose the money they bring in, but they are prepared to do so. They have put aside an amount of money to gamble, and they do not spend more than that.


Why Gamble In the First Place? What If it Leads to Problem Gambling?

This is highly unlikely. There are several reasons for this. When people problem gamble, they do not set aside an amount; they gamble with a large chunk of their money and savings and may lose all of it. However, recreational gamblers do not find the need to do so. They have an amount specifically set aside for gambling, and they use it only for that. However, it can be argued that problem gambling might arise from recreational gambling. This is, however, not substantial and is like trying to say that motorcycle accidents occur due to motorcycles and not due to the people driving it. Similarly, people who gamble recreationally probably have a better sense of judgement than other people, which is why they do not need to problem gamble.

Gambling With Family

What is the role of friends and family?

Gambling among friends and family ensures that you do not spend more than you can afford to. Recreational gambling with friends also helps you get better at the game if you are not already. There is also another aspect that is learned from playing with friends and family: self-control. One of the most problematic situations regarding problem gambling is the lack of self-control to stop playing while losing. This leads them to lose a lot more money than they intend to. However, this problem does not arise in the case of recreational gambling.



In short, recreational gambling with friends and family not only helps you control your urge to bet more, but it also helps with communicating with the family or with friends, especially if they are far away. So recreational gambling might be one of the ways for people to not go into problem gambling.


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