Difference Between Problem Gambling And Gambling For Fun

Difference Between Problem Gambling And Gambling For Fun

Difference Between Problem Gambling And Gambling For Fun

First of all, to distinguish between the two, we need to understand what the two are. Problem gambling is the compulsive urge to keep gambling with no desire to stop, irrespective of its inherent nasty consequences and not considering the loss factor. Problem gambling has been recorded historically in ancient texts since gambling has been around for quite some time. Ancient Chinese books written by Confucius even state that gambling is a vice and should not be practised at all. The Mahabharata, the largest Hindu epic and the largest in the world, has an instance of the main protagonist losing his wealth, kingdom and even his wife due to problem gambling. So problem gambling has been an issue since ancient times.

Gambling for fun

Gambling for fun, however, is quite different. Fun gambling (or as it is popularly called, recreational gambling) is very light hearted. This is usually done among friends and family, and therefore does not pose a threat of problem gambling. Recreational gambling is not about wagering or winning; it is mostly about socializing with friends and family and having a good time.


The prime difference between problem gambling and recreational gambling is the amount wagered. In the case of problem gambling, the person cannot stop wagering more and more money. In recreational gambling, however, the amount wagered is very small compared to problem gamblers. Moreover, recreational gamblers usually set aside an amount of money, specifically for gambling. This amount may not be very high, but just high enough to create competition.


Also, in the case of recreational gamblers, the compulsion to keep playing is not present. Recreational game bus stop playing after they have reached a specific amount of money or when they sense they have lost more than they have got. Problem gamblers, however, do not have control over their bets. They keep playing even though they know they have no more money, and this causes them to borrow money from friends. This is why most problem gamblers have very high debts.



Even though problem gambling is a huge issue, it can be reduced or controlled by gambling with friends and family. Recreational gambling helps problem gamblers control their betting, and with adequate help, it can help them manage their habit. Sometimes, what people need is a helping hand more than scrutiny, and sometimes it helps to give a hand.


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