5 Ways On How To Play Poker Without Using Money

Play Poker Without Using Money

5 Ways On How To Play Poker Without Using Money

Poker is one of the popular card games in the world. It has grown in matters of its popularity in the recent decade a lot. From neighbors to your close relatives, you will find someone who plays the game. Gambling is fun but not every time you can keep the same rules. Involving money with a family game can have the chances of souring a relationship or not everybody can afford it, but Poker is not a game that has to be played with money only. There are multiple ways to play poker without using money.

Pieces from board game:

You are not going to use chips. You are not in a casino. The thing about friendly games is that it is supposed to be fun. Use the pieces from Boardgame instead of Casino chips. This will give a different feeling to the game. You can mark different pieces with numbers that represent value in the game.



The toolbox is your mountain of gold. You will find a lot of stuff that you can use instead of money and chips in a game. There are a lot of things like Bolts, nuts, washers, and fasteners lying around in the house. If you don’t have it, you could ask your friend to bring it along.


Coins are the best substitute to play in a poker game. They create an impression of a real game and give you a feeling of using the poker chips. You will be able to find some coins around the house. This can be anything but you will have to see what numbers represent what. This adds fun to the game.


Food can be a real motivator in our lives. A little treat upon winning is what anybody would like. Use snacks or candies, those are handy items and much more convenient than other kinds. This can be anything or any treat of your choice. Gambling on edible items in friendly matches is a common thing.

Online poker

Online poker:

Online poker is one of the best ways to play poker without using money. Several websites allow you to play poker and place a virtual bet (without using money) on their platforms. This not only entertains you but also gives you an insight into how the game works. With a simple search, you can find a lot of sites offering a free play of poker games.


There are multiple ways of substituting money in a poker game. You can to an on online casino and play free poker games available, but if you are interested to play with your friends, you can use other items in the game. Things like food, clothes, talks, and drinks are one such example. The involvement of money in a friendly game is not a good idea for many people, but taking it out, takes the fun out. Replacing money with something else brings back the enthusiasm and interest in the game.

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