5 Gambling Party Games To Make Any Party A Winner

Gambling Party Games

5 Gambling Party Games To Make Any Party A Winner

Parties are once in a time occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday or any other thing, it needs to be perfect. To throw a party based around the theme of gambling is one fun idea. You can turn your party into a living casino. You don’t need to venture out of your home to go to a casino instead you can turn your home into a hub of casino games. Though you can’t replicate everything of a casino, there is a lot you can do to make the theme interactive.

Shot Roulette:

Short Roulette is an old party game. The rules are pretty simple. It includes shots and a Roulette wheel. Each shot is associated with a number on the wheel and when the ball lands on the specific number, the player will have to drink the linked shot. This game doesn’t need much preparation and all you need to buy is a Roulette wheel and the ball which is pretty cheap in the market.


Chase the Ace:

The purpose of this game is to get a high valuing card. You can keep or trade your card with the person sitting next to you. This is not a Casino game and is usually played in Casino themed parties. The game continues until the last player has the lowest card and all of the players reveal the cards.

Chilli craps:

This is a basic drinking game that has been around for a long time. The game revolves around the outcome of two Dices; the score of which is connected to a drink. If the player rolls the specific score, he will have to take the linked drink. In instances of Snake Eyes, you get to add Chilli.

Spin the wheel:

This game is the easiest to arrange. The basic thing to do in the beginning is to get a wheel that you can design yourself with cardboard paper. Draw prize and arrange them numerically on the wheel. Now use the pointer to hook the wheel to the wall. Spin the wheel now and see what comes for you.


Card castle building:

This game is not for people who have twitchy hands. You divide the group into two teams and players from each team come and make the castle out of playing cards. This is repeated for every player. Bigger the cattle, higher the points. In the end, the team with the highest points win.


Adding a casino theme to a party is much more fun than the traditional one. It finds a way to keep the guests busy and makes your time immemorable. It has become quite easy to incorporate gambling games at your parties. You can get almost everything from the market, but at the same time, you can make somethings on your home with Cardboard and a little research on the internet. Likewise, you can also place your bets with your friends to make it more fun and interesting.

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