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  • Getting together with your friends is always entertaining. You don’t need to hit a land-based casino to gamble. All you need is a little knowledge of games and playing cards. This shall take you a couple of minutes to arrange all the things required. It will not only make the experience fun but you will get to know each other better. Games are the best way to interact with each other and what more fun can there be than to gamble with your friends.

    Pitch quarters:

    Pitch quarters needs practice, but you don’t need to be a master to play it. If you have a bunch of friends, you will get the hang of the game in no time. The players stand from a specific distance from the wall and throw the quarter towards it. The one who gets quarter closest to the wall wins and gets to take all the quarters.

    Betting on sports:

    Betting on sports with your friends can be the most entertaining activity. If you can get your friends to agree on it, you don’t need a bookmarker. You can agree among yourselves.


    Poker When it comes to card games, who doesn’t want to play poker. It’s the most entertaining card game in the world. You can choose on your own the limits of your game and the type you will want to play.


    Blackjack is a card game that’s synonymous with casino gambling, but playing with friends can be a lot of fun. You will not only compete against your friends but will also have the opportunity to test your skills.


    Craps is one such game that is most preferred by gamblers to play among friends. This innovative dice game doesn’t require much for you to start except for a Dice.

    Acey Deucy:

    The initial of the game is to place your bet and then the player deals with the game going to the left side. The dealer places two cards, face up and the player gets to decide whether they want to pass or bet.


    This is one of the most popular games among your friends. You flip a coin and place your bet on the outcome of the coin.

    Liars poker:

    In this game, every player gets a Dolar bill out of their pockets and makes a Poker hand out of the serial number. The other player should either claim to have a better hand or accuse the former of lying.


    Rummy is the game that we all learn to play as kids. You simply find the melds of cards and based on that, the winner is decided.


    You will need a Dice, a Board and chips to play the game. The purpose is to stay on the game by rolling your dice and moving your chips in a position that your opponent can’t occupy that space.


    The basic rule of winning the Casino war is to get the highest valuing card. If it’s a tie, you go to war.


    The game requires two teams – two each. It consists of 24 cards in total and a team can score one, two, or four points per hand.


    The Bridge is a tricky game and team bid on the number of tricks. Each player receives a total of 13 cards, and teams consist of two players each.


    Yahtzee The game has a scoring sheet and five Dice. You need to simply score highest by rolling the Dice. You get to roll it three times.


    It’s one of the easiest games you will ever play. You can either play it with a team or against a player.

    Three Card Monte:

    This is a tricky game and involves sleight of hand. The dealer mixes a Queen with the other two cards, face down and if you can guess where the Queen is, you won.


    It is similar to rummy. You form the melds of cards and try to score the highest.


    Pinochle is a tricky game, closely related to spades, and has two euchre decks. You can either bet on a series or a single game, based upon your liking and situation.

    Thirty-one or Scat:

    The objective of this game is to score the highest. Each player gets three cards; one is face up. When you have the best hand, you can knock.


    Baccarat The rules with your friends are different. You start with two cards and the highest total is 9. You get to use only one digit of the card. For example, if you have 18, your score is 8.

    Cut for high:

    The main theme of this game is to see who can cut a deck to a high card. Each player tries it and the one with the highest value wins.


    This list is not complete as the world of gambling games is evolving but you will find almost something of your choice in the list and if you don’t know what to try, just choose a random game and give it a go.  ...

  • Parties are once in a time occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday or any other thing, it needs to be perfect. To throw a party based around the theme of gambling is one fun idea. You can turn your party into a living casino. You don’t need to venture out of your home to go to a casino instead you can turn your home into a hub of casino games. Though you can’t replicate everything of a casino, there is a lot you can do to make the theme interactive.

    Shot Roulette:

    Short Roulette is an old party game. The rules are pretty simple. It includes shots and a Roulette wheel. Each shot is associated with a number on the wheel and when the ball lands on the specific number, the player will have to drink the linked shot. This game doesn’t need much preparation and all you need to buy is a Roulette wheel and the ball which is pretty cheap in the market.

    Chase the Ace:

    The purpose of this game is to get a high valuing card. You can keep or trade your card with the person sitting next to you. This is not a Casino game and is usually played in Casino themed parties. The game continues until the last player has the lowest card and all of the players reveal the cards.

    Chilli craps:

    This is a basic drinking game that has been around for a long time. The game revolves around the outcome of two Dices; the score of which is connected to a drink. If the player rolls the specific score, he will have to take the linked drink. In instances of Snake Eyes, you get to add Chilli.

    Spin the wheel:

    This game is the easiest to arrange. The basic thing to do in the beginning is to get a wheel that you can design yourself with cardboard paper. Draw prize and arrange them numerically on the wheel. Now use the pointer to hook the wheel to the wall. Spin the wheel now and see what comes for you. Party

    Card castle building:

    This game is not for people who have twitchy hands. You divide the group into two teams and players from each team come and make the castle out of playing cards. This is repeated for every player. Bigger the cattle, higher the points. In the end, the team with the highest points win.


    Adding a casino theme to a party is much more fun than the traditional one. It finds a way to keep the guests busy and makes your time immemorable. It has become quite easy to incorporate gambling games at your parties. You can get almost everything from the market, but at the same time, you can make somethings on your home with Cardboard and a little research on the internet. Likewise, you can also place your bets with your friends to make it more fun and interesting....

  • Poker is one of the popular card games in the world. It has grown in matters of its popularity in the recent decade a lot. From neighbors to your close relatives, you will find someone who plays the game. Gambling is fun but not every time you can keep the same rules. Involving money with a family game can have the chances of souring a relationship or not everybody can afford it, but Poker is not a game that has to be played with money only. There are multiple ways to play poker without using money.

    Pieces from board game:

    You are not going to use chips. You are not in a casino. The thing about friendly games is that it is supposed to be fun. Use the pieces from Boardgame instead of Casino chips. This will give a different feeling to the game. You can mark different pieces with numbers that represent value in the game. Items


    The toolbox is your mountain of gold. You will find a lot of stuff that you can use instead of money and chips in a game. There are a lot of things like Bolts, nuts, washers, and fasteners lying around in the house. If you don’t have it, you could ask your friend to bring it along.


    Coins are the best substitute to play in a poker game. They create an impression of a real game and give you a feeling of using the poker chips. You will be able to find some coins around the house. This can be anything but you will have to see what numbers represent what. This adds fun to the game.


    Food can be a real motivator in our lives. A little treat upon winning is what anybody would like. Use snacks or candies, those are handy items and much more convenient than other kinds. This can be anything or any treat of your choice. Gambling on edible items in friendly matches is a common thing. Online poker

    Online poker:

    Online poker is one of the best ways to play poker without using money. Several websites allow you to play poker and place a virtual bet (without using money) on their platforms. This not only entertains you but also gives you an insight into how the game works. With a simple search, you can find a lot of sites offering a free play of poker games.


    There are multiple ways of substituting money in a poker game. You can go on online and play free poker games available, but if you are interested to play with your friends, you can use other items in the game. Things like food, clothes, talks, and drinks are one such example. The involvement of money in a friendly game is not a good idea for many people, but taking it out, takes the fun out. Replacing money with something else brings back the enthusiasm and interest in the game....

  • Casinos are happening places. Whether you talk about food or gaming, you will never want to go out. Though the industry is magnificent, certainly some places have a different place. Every place is ideal for a general occasion but when you are going as a couple, you want to make the best of it. From location to the choice of games, the experience should be memorable.

    Las Vegas:

    When it comes to Las Vegas; it is the gambling mecca of the world. From the tallest structures to the interactive games, you will never want to leave the city. This is one of the best locations for couples where they enjoy elegant food as well as have their regular dose of gambling and if they’re interested in nightlife, Vegas never sleeps. This is the equivalent of a Disneyland for adults and an ideal location for couples.

    Atlantis resort:

    Atlantis resort has everything that constitutes an ideal location. It is the largest in the Caribbean with 100,000 Square-foot area. Not only that, but the majestic structure is also second to none in its services. From slot games to card games, the casino is loaded with gaming activities. It has 3,000 guest rooms and 1000 slot machines that give it a unique place in the list. Apart from the gambling experience, you will have, the scenic beauty is what adds more to the trip. National Harbour

    National Harbour:

    National Harbour is one of the best locations for couples who are in for making their time memorable. It offers various choices like dining, shop, and Spa. It has a huge gaming floor where players can play various types of games. Furthermore, National Harbour is known for its elegance in the food and a good taste of cuisine also.


    Canada is a location that you will never forget. The Casino De Montreal is the only one in Montreal. One of the best things about the city is that you can find almost everything there; from the best shops to good food. All you have to do is look around and you will find it.


    The Caribbean is known for its touristy scenes, but apart from that, it has its share of casinos. Aruba is one such choice that will remain etched on your memories for the rest of your life. It has a private island and stays open 24/7.

    Monte Carlo:

    If you are looking for something vintage, Monte Carlo will never disappoint. Opened in 1863, its vintage style gives an impression of how life was in the past. Furthermore, the dress code in the Casinos just adds to the class of being in an exclusive casino.


    There are various gambling locations around the world. From Macau to Las Vegas, gambling locations have their unique way of attracting their crowd. You can turn your whole vacation into a time filled with entertainment and fun, but at the same time get to know a lot about gambling and gaming in general.  ...

  • First of all, to distinguish between the two, we need to understand what the two are. Problem gambling is the compulsive urge to keep gambling with no desire to stop, irrespective of its inherent nasty consequences and not considering the loss factor. Problem gambling has been recorded historically in ancient texts since gambling has been around for quite some time. Ancient Chinese books written by Confucius even state that gambling is a vice and should not be practised at all. The Mahabharata, the largest Hindu epic and the largest in the world, has an instance of the main protagonist losing his wealth, kingdom and even his wife due to problem gambling. So problem gambling has been an issue since ancient times. Gambling for fun Gambling for fun, however, is quite different. Fun gambling (or as it is popularly called, recreational gambling) is very light hearted. This is usually done among friends and family, and therefore does not pose a threat of problem gambling. Recreational gambling is not about wagering or winning; it is mostly about socializing with friends and family and having a good time.   The prime difference between problem gambling and recreational gambling is the amount wagered. In the case of problem gambling, the person cannot stop wagering more and more money. In recreational gambling, however, the amount wagered is very small compared to problem gamblers. Moreover, recreational gamblers usually set aside an amount of money, specifically for gambling. This amount may not be very high, but just high enough to create competition.   Also, in the case of recreational gamblers, the compulsion to keep playing is not present. Recreational game bus stop playing after they have reached a specific amount of money or when they sense they have lost more than they have got. Problem gamblers, however, do not have control over their bets. They keep playing even though they know they have no more money, and this causes them to borrow money from friends. This is why most problem gamblers have very high debts.



    Even though problem gambling is a huge issue, it can be reduced or controlled by gambling with friends and family. Recreational gambling helps problem gamblers control their betting, and with adequate help, it can help them manage their habit. Sometimes, what people need is a helping hand more than scrutiny, and sometimes it helps to give a hand.  ...

  • Gambling has been one of the most popular forms of elite entertainment since ancient times, and it continues to be so. Gambling is exciting, to say the least, and is steadily on the rise. With the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown situation going on, the world has seen a significant spike in the online casino department. This goes to show how much demand such activity can create. Let us look at some of the changes brought about by the online casino sector.  

    Number of Games

    Online casinos have a large number of games, much more than land-based brick and mortar casinos. This is because of the sheer number of games that can be accommodated on an online space compared to a brick and mortar casino. There are so many games that are not available on brick and mortar casinos which are easily accommodated on online casinos.  

    Increased Accessibility

    A large number of people cannot access casinos, because of the gambling laws in the country, or simply because there are so few that they are too far away. However, it is now possible to gamble by sitting anywhere in the world due to online casinos. For example, in the country of China, Macau is the only place where casinos are allowed. However, many Chinese gambling sites are available online. The gambling industry e of China generates a revenue of about 60 billion dollars annually. Play

    Increased Activity

    Gambling sites have been on the rise since the advent of the internet, and the money made by these websites has increased considerably over the past decade. This is because of the increased acceptance of gambling as a social activity more than it is a vice. This growing acceptance has encouraged more people to gamble and wager their money in profitable ways. With increased activity comes increases revenue for both the website and for the government. This means that the government can provide more amenities to the people.  


    Although gambling brings revenue to the state, there is a lot of debate regarding its legalization. This is because of the social evils that it can cause because of casinos. There is a scare of massive money laundering and hacking risks. Although money laundering occurs otherwise, and online casinos have hundreds of programmers who hold up a robust firewall, people are still hesitant to try out online gambling.  ...

  • Deposit cash into your casino account to play real money casino games. Several casinos in New Zealand accept up to deposits of $20 or so. There are casinos with the best game venues that you can play with lower sums, and you need to deposit......

  • Gambling has been part of society since ancient times and has been practised in different regions of the world for millennia. In the past, gambling was viewed as a luxury pass time for kings and lords, but that status has not changed much. Even though online casinos are cheaper and more affordable, they are still very expensive for the middle-class sector. Casinos in most countries are allowed to be built only in 4 star rated hotels or higher.   However, this does not pose a problem for recreational gamblers. Recreational gamblers are gamblers who try their luck once in a while and either make some money or lose it. However, recreational gamblers do not lose a lot of money because they do not put in that much of an amount. Recreational gamblers set aside an amount, especially for gambling and stop when they lose more than they can afford to, or simply when they feel like it. They do not have a compulsive need to keep betting on something. However, there are certain ways to win at casino games for even casual players. Some of these are listed below.  

    Betting Small & Often

    Betting Small & Often The best way to hold onto your money is by betting small and often. If you have a considerable amount of money, it is best to try and bet on all the games you are familiar with so that you can increase your chances of winning.  

    Identifying Clumsy Dealers

    Surveys have concluded that there are very few dealers at a casino who actually know what they are doing and therefore it is quite easy to identify those dealers and win against the house while playing against them. Keep a keen eye out for the cloddish dealer who flashes a face-down card; maybe it's more economical and easier to go there.  

    Try to Avoid Slot Machines

    Slot machines have the highest house edge when it comes to casinos. The more you play, the more you might lose fast, and the more the chance of going broke. One of the main reasons for this is the opaque odds of the game. Slot machines usually have higher house edges; However, it is unclear whether the house edge is 5% or 25%, and it is very likely to be even higher. So it is better to avoid slot machines.

    Try To Play Games with The Least House Edge

    One of the reasons why people prefer poker and Blackjack in a casino is because of the small house edge and large payout. So it is better to stick to those games if you are a casual player.  ...

  • If you happen to have a sitting with any experienced gambler and enquire of their favourite games, rest assured table games will feature prominently. With table games, players are accorded a rare opportunity to put into action the knowledge and strategies about gambling into practical use. Casino table games are not just about luck but a combination of strategies and having a clear understanding of odds to hit the highest possible wins. If you happen to pay a visit to any casino, small or big, it’s unlikely that you will not find table games present. There is a wide selection of table games present for players to engage in, but some games are quite popular among players. Table games have a long history in the gambling industry and the following are some of the popular table games available in the casinos today. 1. Baccarat When you consider the most straightforward table game any novice gambler can engage in with ease, then you are right. Baccarat offers players the best odds you cannot find anywhere in the casino industry. Similarly, the game is quite easy to learn and hit a win. With baccarat, there are only two cards involved with each player and the same rules usually apply to the game dealer. To strike a win in this table game you must have a combined number of nine for the total odds in the player’s hand. Experienced gamblers usually advise that, if you are new to gambling you should begin with online baccarat as it is easy to engage in, unlike the complicated offline option. With Baccarat, players are tasked with just a single decision whenever their cards get dealt with, gamblers are allowed to select and choose the best outcome. It's super interesting and comfortable for new gamblers to engage in online baccarat as it varies on the number of odds the players get offered. Another exciting feature about baccarat, that gets omitted very regularly is that this table game offers players a variety of stakes including minimum wagers while they engage especially in an online game. Baccarat is quite fun to engage in at any level of experience and that’s why it ranks quite high among experienced and newbie gamblers in the casino industry. 2. Blackjack Blackjack forms part of the most fascinating table games with a high reputation among the gamblers. The game comes with a variety of options for the players to select the best to place. Similarly, if you are the kind of player who is a low-risk taker, then blackjack is the game for you as it offers places an opportunity to place minimum bets as low as 10 dollars. With blackjack, a player can comfortably reduce their odd to strike a winning combination. Blackjack is a table game with rules and guides on which gamblers follow, otherwise, you will get penalized. The rules are easy to learn but experts usually advise new players to first practice adequately with the online option to familiarize themselves with the game dos and don’ts. Similarly, you must be aware of various blackjack edges, and the lowest house edge, in this case, is the single-deck blackjack. What’s unique about this edge is that a player can engage in any game they so wish. The difference between the different blackjack variations is brought about by how players access their payout but not the rules of the game of engagement. It’s quite difficult if you walk into any casino and fail to find blackjack on the list of table games the casino offers their gamblers. Don’t be surprised to come across casinos that only specialize with blackjack variations only in their card rooms. 3. Roulette If you consider the basic table game that should never miss in any casino, then it roulette. Roulette involves a wheel and a number board where the dealer drops and spins the ball. Players are allowed to place bets based on where the ball will stop. There are two slots on which gamblers can place their bets, the red wheel slot or the black wheel slot. Roulette allows players to place various other bets, not just the stopping ball slots. The other bet options available include placing bets on either even or odd numbers, a combination of numbers, or even bets on individual numbers. It’s important as a player to have a clear understanding of when one can place a bet and the different types one is allowed to place. Also, getting to know which chip to place which bet is as well another advantage experienced players engaging in roulette have. Just like the other table games, Roulette is no different as novice players get encouraged to engage first with online live games before they decide to try their luck on the spinning wheel with all the noise. In a casino environment, thongs can turn out to be a bit exciting, but to an experienced player, you might end up making the wrong decision. It’s not a wonder to find many players getting confused it thousands of chips available on the table for them to place a bet. The chances of losing a bet in such a scenario are quite high. What’s fascinating about roulade is the winning and other bonus features available in this game, hence it attracts a high number of gamblers. 4. Craps If you are familiar with roulette, then craps will be a walk in the park for you. Both games are entirely based on luck. With craps, it's slightly different from roulette on how you place a bet. Players are allowed to roll two dice and if case the number combination they wagered on equals the combination the players hit a winning combination. By any chance, if you happen to be in a casino and you surprisingly get cheers coming from one corner, chances are it’s a craps table. Craps is a no miss table game in any casino, whether upcoming or any existing casino. Gamblers with some experience with crap usually warn against proceeding to the game of crap with a luck mindset as it also requires some strategy to strike a balance and win. It’s important to understand that unlike other table games that are quite slow, raps are a fast-paced table game full of action. The player placing or rolling dice is known as a shooter and no wager is placed after the shooter places the bet. 5. Poker Three card poker or simply poker as it's popularly known. In a poker game, gamblers place their bets first before they are dealt three cards. Once, cards are issued, it’s the prerogative of the player to either engage in the game or fold his cards. Folding in a poker game usually means a gambler has forfeited their ante bet. In terms of profitability, poker table games are among the most lucrative if you consider wins available. Is critical you understand that the poker table game has two different modes categorized as play and Ante. In poker, players and dealers wager their money against each other. One of the famous bets in the poker table game is the pair plus bet. This bet is usually paid depending on the pair at the player’s hand. Based on the casino you decide to engage in, ante poker variation is mandatory but in many casinos they are optional. With poker table games payouts usually vary on the casino determined schedule. Gamblers enjoy poker games due to the bonus feature it offers players and exclusive rewards associated with it....

  • Rightly or wrongly, the government of New Zealand has capped the number of physical casinos in New Zealand to the existing 6 casinos, Sky City Wharf and Sky City Queenstown in Queenstown NZ, Dunedin Casino in downtown Dunedin, NA, Christchurch Casino in the city Center......